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The TED Conference will bring millions of dollars into the Long Beach economy between February 25 and March 1. To market local businesses to people attending the TED Conference, we will take a two step approach.

  1. Set up a mobile-friendly web site with various categories (e.g., Restaurants, Services, and Transportation).
    Each category will list the participating businesses in that category.
    Each business's listing will link to a page set up for that particular business.
    To see this in action, go to
  2. Adverise this to the people attending TED.
    To do this, we will use a flyer with a QR Code:
    flyer w/ QR code

    We will distrubute these flyers to TED attendees on sidewalks around the Convention Center and we will supply them to the concierges at the local hotels.
    Scanning the QR code will open the site on the mobile device used for the scan.

In addition to the TED Conference, the BIL Conference (the open source response to TED) will be held in Long Beach, CA, March 2 and 3, 2013. We will use the same approach to market to BIL attendees. This will be included in the TED marketing program for no extra charge.

Price to local businesses to participate in the program is a one time fee of $50.

  • The price is good through Saturday, February 22.
  • For any orders paid on Sunday, February 23, we wil charge an additional $50 (total of $100).

ORDER ONLINE NOW or to order by phone or in person, or for more information, call:
Geo. (George) McCalip at 714-785-3685.


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